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What’s App Marketing Follow the Ideas & Tips to Create a Powerful what’s App Marketing Strategy

Whatsapp marketing

Introduction of Whatsapp Marketing Guide

Whatsapp marketing is a type of messenger marketing, which implies promoting a brand through WhatsApp marketing. This channel helps brands reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales.

Beginners Guide of what’s app marketing

Most people use Whatsapp for communicating with friend’s relatives nowadays, only a few people know the concept of what’s app marketing for promoting business, products & services.

Most brands are turning into social media marketing strategies to reap the benefits of social media platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn, Whatsapp can be equally important as other social media channels if it is used in a proper way.

Table of Contents for Whatsapp marketing guide:

•What exactly Whatsapp marketing is?
•Reasons of uses Whatsapp marketing?
•Advantages of Whatsapp marketing?
•Free or Affordable Cost
•Better Sales
•Conversion Rate
•How to do Whatsapp marketing?
•Marketing Strategy?

 What WhatsApp Marketing is?

Whatsapp marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves promoting a business, product, or services using the messenger app “Whatsapp”. This platform may help businesses to reach a group of targeted audience, manage relationships, with the prospects & increase sales, profits as well as brand exposure.

Reasons for using what’s App Marketing for your Business

WhatsApp is a free and secure messenger app, not only limited to text messages but also famous for voice calls, video calls, voice messages, sharing files, images, videos as well as locations.

Few necessary stats which will guide you to understand why you should think about choosing Whatsapp for marketing:

•Most famous messenger app for mobile users globally. Approximately 2billion people use Whatsapp.
•It is the 3rd most used channel.
•Approx 390million monthly users.

Advantages of Whatsapp Marketing

Profound relationship with customers
Better Sales
Affordable Cost
Significant Conversion Rate

How to do Whatsapp Marketing?

There are two types of apps – regular apps, business apps with some added business features. Whatsapp regular app is useful for connecting people, Whatsapp business app is best for business as it is beneficial for super business features.

Few steps to get started with Whatsapp marketing.

1st Step

Download the Whatsapp business app from the Google play store & on the app store for ios & download it.

2nd Step

Should agree to the developer’s terms and conditions.
Once you click on the Whatsapp icon for downloading it, Whatsapp will ask you to accept the terms of service. Just click on the “Agree & Continue” button.

3rd Step

Need to enter a business phone number
It is always better to have a different business number rather than share a personal number. After giving the business number, you will receive a verification message for verifying your contact number.

4th Step

Fill in your business details
In the wake of checking your telephone number, you will be naturally coordinated to your business profile page. Fill in the subtleties of your business, for example, business name, category, and add a profile picture.

5th Step

Explore Whatsapp business tools & set them up
From Whatsapp business tools, you can learn advanced messaging tools and product catalogs by exploring them. Before you set up the advanced features such as automated messaging, have to provide more details about your business.

6th Step

Add Whatsapp payment option
Whatsapp business offers easy payment options, you can send & receive payments via the Whatsapp payment method.

7th Step

Connect with your prospective customers. Presently you can use Whatsapp business for products brands or services. It’s a unique idea for businesses to notify their existing business contacts about their new Whatsapp business.

Marketing Strategy for Whatsapp

A caring marketing strategy marks the fruitfulness of every marketing channel. It enables business owners to plan steps efficiently and helps to adjust paths when something goes wrong.

Few strategies of Whatsapp marketing can generate better results.

Defining goals and marketing objectives
Specifying target audience
Leveraging the WhatsApp business app
Creating a brand persona
Building a list of audience
Designing effective communications
Delivering great customer service

Whatsapp Marketing Tools & Software

There are large numbers of Whatsapp marketing software and tools are available on the market for making the tasks of the Whatsapp marketing process easy as well as effective.

Few Whatsapp marketing tools are

Whatsender Profile
Rapid Planner
Lead Myntra

Whatsapp marketing Tips

Almost we have covered all the important things for creating a successful Whatsapp marketing strategy. Few points or tips that can ease your overall Whatsapp marketing strategy.

Leverage Whatsapp group chats
Create broadcast lists
Craft a product catalog
Use Whatsapp Status

Conclusion of Whatsapp marketing

Whatsapp marketing is the best way or a great opportunity to build brand awareness & reinforce overall marketing strategies nowadays. One of the best parts of Whatsapp marketing is, it helps businesses to build a strong relationship with both prospective customers as well as existing customers.

To achieve the maximum results from Whatsapp marketing recommending not being limited to only in Whatsapp, develop a complete integrated social media marketing strategy by implementing different digital marketing skills.

March 24, 2022

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