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Graphic Design Softwares

Excellent design that displays the brand impression to the audiences is a foremost thing for businesses. In today’s digital world graphic design largely depends on advanced software technologies. Our in-house team at Webtechnomind is an expert on modern graphic design software and technologies to serve you with the best design.

Focus on particular parts of an image without tormenting others Adobe Photoshop

Real-time drawing and editing with Adobe Illustrator.

Content exchange UI with CorelDRAW.

Web Design Softwares

The first impression needs to be attractive enough to pull customers’ attention within seconds. For a decade, we have been offering the best Web Designs to our clients around the world. This approach made us a leading Website Design company in Kolkata. Let us give an impressive look to your website using the latest technologies of web designing.

Usability testing & Vector design Adobe XD

Design complete websites of complex processes with Dreamweaver

Multiple collaborations in real-time with Figma

Web Technologies

At Webtechnomind, we provide professional websites with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Modern web development technologies are various programming languages and tools that web developers use to create a dynamic website. Our teams have expertise in recent website development technologies to provide you with a high-quality Website.

HTML5 for a large number of Application Programming Interfaces.

To build server-side code by Javascript Node Js

Highly Secured Client-Side framework with Angular

CMS Technologies

In today’s world, website development is made easy with CMS technologies. Content Management System gives you the facility to create your website without any knowledge of code or programming.
Nearly 40% of the total websites on the internet are based on CMS technologies.

Create SEO friendly and easily customised website with WordPress

Get multiple languages without any plugins from Joomla

Advanced user management and robust security with Drupal

Ecommerce Technologies

Modern Ecommerce web technologies help you to build the latest eCommerce website. Most web technologies, on the whole, provide the functionality that you’d expect to find in a cutting-edge site. Our expert team use them profoundly to make your e-business successful.

Customizing every functionality is now very user friendly with Magento store

Enable mobile commerce shopping cart and Facebook selling with Shopify

Create and edit pages easily with drag and drop solution BigCommerce

Mobile Technologies

Whether it is an android mobile app development or ios, our developers are familiarised with modern app development technologies. A Mobile App Development Framework provides the basic structure for developing mobile apps.

Swift for a smooth interface in the IOS platform.

Intuitive UI components with Ionic

Cost-effective technologies framework Xamarin

Other Technologies

With many website developments, design technologies and mobile app development technologies, we use various other effective technologies to meet our clients need worldwide.

Advance relational database system PostgreSQL

Mysql relational database management systems

Document oriented NoSQL database MongoDB